How to Recover Faster From Your Brazilian Butt Lift

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The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) has rapidly become one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries thanks to its ability to achieve a sculpted, hourglass figure without long incisions, butt implants, or other unnatural augmenting materials. 

Part of what makes the BBL so appealing is its technique of combining liposuction and fat transfer to slim down the hips, waist, and thighs while re-adding the liposuctioned fat to enhance the buttocks. This means that you get natural curves!

While the BBL can give you a beautiful, curvy figure, proper aftercare is crucial for maintaining results. 

This post-operative guide will walk you through the recovery process from start to finish to get you on the quickest path to showing off your post-BBL figure.

How Long Is BBL Recovery?

Many people want to know precisely how long it takes to recover from a BBL procedure. The short answer is anywhere from six to 12 weeks for a full recovery. Some patients experience a quicker recovery; others require much more time.

Of course, there are smaller recovery benchmarks within those three months, such as being able to exercise or sit for short periods. 

Keep reading for a detailed timeline of recovery week by week!

What Can I Expect for My BBL Recovery?

Initial Recovery (1-2 Days)

Expect some bruising and swelling in the areas where fat was harvested for the first day or so. Over-the-counter pain medication should be sufficient for pain management; however, Dr. Gonzalez can prescribe pain medication to alleviate discomfort. After the second day, most patients can get up and walk around, so actual “downtime” is relatively limited. 

OTC pain medication and chill!

Compression Garment (6-8 Weeks)

Your surgeon will give you a compression garment after the surgery, which helps heal the areas where liposuction was performed: it helps minimize swelling, decreases discomfort, and helps the skin retract. 

You should wear the garment for eight weeks — keep that new shape in place!

Sitting and Sleeping (8 Weeks +)

One of the most important steps of your BBL recovery is to avoid putting pressure on the buttocks — this means not sitting directly on your butt for at least eight weeks after surgery. Putting pressure on the buttocks by sitting or sleeping can restrict blood flow, destroying the new fat cells that have been transferred. 

Practice sleeping on your side or stomach for at least eight weeks after surgery. 

If you must sit, avoid doing so for any extended period, and use a donut pillow or inflatable cushion to protect the area. These booty pillows have some great options for BBL recovery.

Roughly 30% of the injected fat will not survive the transfer — this is expected. However, you want to do everything you can to ensure that you do not experience more significant fat resorption.

Healthy Diet — “Feed the Fat” (ASAP)

It is important to maintain a healthy, nutrient-dense diet to nourish your body and boost recovery time — remember, your body just went through surgery, so you need fuel to heal.

Exercise (4-8 Weeks)

Exercise after a BBL is tricky — on the one hand, it is important to keep your blood flowing and maintain healthy circulation, but on the other, you can’t overdo it. 

The best advice is to listen to your doctor and your body and — by default — take it slow.

Listen to your Surgeon (Always!)

The number one tip on this list is to follow your doctor’s instructions. Every patient is different, so recovery times may vary. Dr. Gonzalez will guide you through your individual recovery plan and aftercare process to ensure you maintain your new figure safely and effectively. 

Want to Learn More About Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Orlando?

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