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Breast augmentation surgery is an exciting time for many women — but getting through recovery can’t happen fast enough for many women. 

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While you should never rush your recovery, there are some things you can do to speed up the healing process.

What NOT to Do After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Before we discuss the things you can do to help induce a safe and effective breast augmentation recovery, there are some things you should be aware of that can negatively affect your healing process. 

  1. Don’t lift anything heavy. This may seem obvious, especially soon after your augmentation, but it is worth saying. Even after you start to feel better, be cautious about bending and lifting anything over your head. While your body will let you know when you’ve gone too far, you should still exercise caution for at least six to eight weeks.
  2. Don’t wear underwire bras. After surgery, you’ll be given a special support garment that minimizes swelling, promotes circulation, and provides stability for your healing breasts. This should be worn at all times, except when you shower, until your surgeon clears you. Underwire bras can irritate your incisions and cause your implants to shift out of position. Additionally, bras with too little support will be painful and cause additional swelling.
  3. Don’t go swimming. Not only does a swimsuit provide zero support for your healing breasts, but submerging your incision site in any water (pool, jacuzzi, lake, etc.) may put you at risk for infection.
  4. Don’t smoke or use tobacco products. This would have been included in your pre-operative instructions, but it bears repeating. Nicotine use of any kind reduces circulation, which affects your body’s ability to heal. Smoking or vaping can increase your risk for infection and necrosis (tissue death). 

What to Do After Breast Augmentation Surgery for Faster Healing

  1. Rest, rest, rest. What do you do when you are sick with a cold? You rest. The same thing goes for post-surgery of any kind. Whenever you need to heal, the best thing you can do for your body is to get as much rest as possible. This isn’t just a rule for immediately after surgery. Even when you start to feel normal, are back to work, and are returning to your usual routine, still try to take it easy.
  2. Keep your blood pumping. This might sound counterintuitive, considering the last point, but it’s equally important to begin walking shortly after your procedure. Walking around your house for the first few days and increasing the distance as you heal can do wonders for your healing process. As you increase blood circulation, you provide vital oxygen and nutrients to your surgical site and minimize blood clot risk.  
  3. Eat well and often. It’s important to keep your body fed with nutrient-rich foods. Since you may not feel up to cooking right after surgery, prepare meals beforehand. This will ensure you eat nutritiously during those early days when it’s hard to lift your arms — homemade food will nourish your body better than fast food!
  4. Follow your aftercare instructions to the letter. Your board-certified surgeon knows what it takes for a safe and effective recovery. The aftercare instructions are not a suggestion — follow them closely, and your healing process will go much smoother. If you have any questions or concerns during recovery (no matter how far out you are), be sure to call your surgeon’s office. 

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