Significant weight loss, age, pregnancy — these can all have a visible impact on the thigh area, particularly in the soft tissue of the inner thigh or along the outer thigh (fat deposits commonly referred to as “saddlebags”). Sadly, these areas are stubbornly resistant to exercise, and skin is often impossible to tighten without surgical intervention. Issues such as stretch marks, saggy skin, chafing, and fat deposits can make anyone self-conscious about exposing their thighs for the world to see. This can be especially tricky considering Florida’s warm-weather climate. Dr. F. Jorge Gonzalez of Le Contour Aesthetic Surgery offers thigh lift surgery (thighplasty) for women and men to trim loose skin and remove unwanted fat in the inner and outer thighs. The result is thinner and firmer thighs with a more defined contour.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Thigh Lift?

While most thigh lift candidates have undergone significant weight loss (often 100 pounds or more), weight loss is not a prerequisite for the surgery. Many people develop excess skin and fat on the upper thighs, and thighplasty is ideal for addressing this excess. The best candidates for the thigh lift procedure are healthy with relatively stable body weights. It also helps to be a non-smoker or willing to quit (at least temporarily). Patients must have realistic expectations of their results. Goals and concerns should be discussed with the surgical team at Le Contour Aesthetic Surgery prior to the surgical treatment.

How Is a Thigh Lift Performed?

This plastic surgery procedure is performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient treatment. Most thigh lifts take two to three hours to perform. Dr. Gonzalez makes a surgical incision in the groin area that continues along the top portion of the legs — even towards the area beneath the butt (banana roll). The placement and length of these incisions will depend on the amount and placement of skin and tissue that needs to be removed or tightened. In many cases, a thigh lift is performed in conjunction with liposuction for more complete results.

What Is Recovery From a Thigh Lift Like?

Recovery will look different for each individual based on the extent of their surgery and personal circumstances. The healing process will take several weeks, during which strain on the incision areas and stitches should be avoided. Most patients take one to two weeks off from work and their day-to-day routines. Full recovery often takes between six and eight weeks. The final results will be apparent once the skin heals and inflammation subsides.

What Kind of Results Can Be Expected From a Thigh Lift?

Smoother skin and a sleeker profile will be noticeable following a thigh lift. There will be scarring, but most will be strategically concealed within the groin area. These results will be long lasting, especially if a stable weight and healthy lifestyle and diet are maintained.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thigh Lift Surgery

How much does thigh lift surgery cost in Orlando, FL?

The cost of your thigh lift will be based on the extent of the surgery, combination procedures, and additional costs like facility fees, tests, and anesthesia. Dr. Gonzalez can estimate the costs of your custom thigh lift treatment plan during your consultation once he has evaluated your condition. Le Contour Aesthetic Surgery will help you locate low-interest financing, which can help make your thighplasty more affordable.

Should my thigh lift be combined with any other surgeries?

Thigh lift surgery is commonly performed with other body contouring procedures, such as tummy tuck surgery, arm lift surgery, or a Mommy Makeover (which combines body contouring procedures with breast enhancement like breast augmentation or breast lift surgery).

Can liposuction replace the need for a thigh lift?

While thigh liposuction can remove stubborn fat deposits on the inner and outer thigh, it cannot tighten or remove excess skin. Therefore, many weight-loss patients are not candidates for liposuction alone.

Will a thigh lift get rid of stretch marks?

Thigh lift surgery is meant to remove excess skin and fat. It does not target or remove stretch marks on the thighs unless the marks were located on the removed skin. However, many patients’ stretch marks are less visible once the thighs are contoured.

Interested in Getting Slimmer, Firmer, and Better-Toned Thighs?

If you are struggling with excess skin and fat on the upper thighs or lack of thigh contour, don’t hesitate to contact Le Contour Aesthetic Surgery today. Dr. F. Jorge Gonzalez is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Board of Physician Specialists.



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